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Looking at the world’s map we can see straight away where to find ANILINE leather and where to spend the fortune for finishing. Brasil can provide any amount of leather, but the quality above „C selection” is very rare. Looking for a little higher class on this land we might be interested in Argentina, Uruguay or Venezuela – don’t forget the bulletproof vest while travelling there for quality control. Argentina is well known of good quality crust and Brasil exports tons of wet-blue. You can find more information at

When get enough hot beaches and carnival you might go to Texas. North America is known of big amounts raw hides as well and many people praise the quality. However every genuine cowboy from Texas likes to mark his properties. That’s why most of american hides got the brand mark on it, sometimes even more than one – farmers tend to have worse days too.

The mood of high quality leather producers gets much better when we move eyes on Europe.
France, England, Germany or Poland will provide a proper „A selection” and we can easily go for lunch while tanning. However being on a diet and trying to save some money, we can go to Ukraine (bulletproof vest might be useful again ! ). If we do very careful selection and drink limited quantites of vodka we can find „AB selection”. What is more ox and heifer occurs quite often in this area, which is becoming rare globally. Please remind that some flay cuts may appear in Ukraine, because of half-machine pull (assisted) in local slaughter houses.

POLAND, UKRAINE, BELARUS or any other Eastern Europe leather can be found under

Belarus and Russia are well known of good vodka too, but you need to drink a little more to accept the quality. First country has a big advantage – hides are being machine pulled. In Belarus we can expect around 5-15% „AB selection”, leather is very thick and gives a wonderful split. While marking the grain quality remember about small defects visible only with a good light.
„C/D selection” is quite simillar in both countries, but most of hides in Russia are hand pulled, which devaluetes them by flay cuts.

Cooled by russian climate we take a look on Africa. Do not expect high quality or fat, big bull here, but african cow will readily go under the plate. We will find many open defects and small bites, which are not easy to cover sometimes. However wind of hope comes with the tannage. There are some good tanneries run by English and all process are in accordance with world’s standards. We can even find some LWG certified tanneries.

New Zeland is unexpectable – there is very intersting raw hides market too. Cow from this green Island is machine pulled, „B/C selection” occurs in stable proportion. Neighbouring Australia also offers good quality hides – not kangaroo only.

“The quality over years is being changed and there ar emany factors causing this situation – from the animal life expectancy up to global warming. Next article from this series will take a closer look on this aspect and take us for a trip around Asia and Brasil”.


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