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Market Info : 20% drops in 2016

Market Info : 20% drops in 2016

Big brands has already informed their co-workers about 2016 forecast – they plan 20% less production compared to the previous year.


Tanneries keep sampling, but they see no orders. What is more everyone tries to keep the raw hides supply and some inventories are big. Today many companies keep waiting for big exhibition to dispel all doubts and clarify the predictions.


Moreover China stopped the purchase, especially now due to Chinese New Year. High fashion brands start to worry about sales in Asia too :


„We are not sure about how much the economy affects luxury goods in this part of the world”


A.P. Brand Manager


Automotive leather market remains stable. When it comes to shoes & accessories – high quality leather may be a good choice this year.


U.N.C.L.E Hide

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