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Fur vs. Leather

Fur vs. Leather

After years of disagreement and conflict with animal rights activists, Armani has announced it will become fur free as of their Autumn/Winer 2016 collection. The company has fallen under scrutiny many times before for the use of fur in their collections.

In 2009 PeTA bombarded them for the use of rabbit fur in their collection. Outside of Armani’s store in Chicago protesters dressed as caveman chanting “only cavemen wear fur”, a statement we all know is incorrect and another symbol of PeTA’s lack of education. The statement and the reaction they are trying to gain is understandable, however it’s a shame they do it in such a brash and reaction driven manner. The scare tactic seems to be the only tactic used within the corporation. The same can be said for their advertisements and videos pledging for funds.

Stella McCartney is one of the most well own activists against not only fur but also the use of leather. Stella collaborated with PeTA in 2012 and released a video titled “Stella takes on the leather industry”. This truly disturbing video shows images of cows being massively mistreated and blames the leather industry for it, despite the fact that cows are dominantly reared for their meat and the hide is merely a by-product. She also talks about “fact and statistics” about the industries pollutants as well as how cows are slaughtered. Along with these “facts” there are no references to where these figures came from or how they came about this information. It truly is bending what little knowledge they have to support their agenda, making sure the money continues to flow.

From what I’ve seen in the industry animal rights groups find it hard to differentiate between the two industries. There is a big difference between fur and say wool-on sheep. Fur is bred purely for its skin; mink, fox, chinchilla. There are of course like most things grey areas crocodile for example; is bred for its skin as it main aesthetic but it’s meat is still eaten, in this case the meat is the by-product. Leather, pony leather, hair-on or wool-on all come from animals reared for their meat for human consumption. Fur is something that people do not wish to talk about it is almost a misdemeanour. Nevertheless, it needs to be discussed more as it is bringing the leather industry under fire. Fur as well as the rearing of farm animals has come a long way in the years when it comes to animal rights and yes there are some countries that still practice in a barbaric manner, but must we all be condemned because of these few.

“Do we all come under the same umbrella?”

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