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BIO White

BIO White

New generation of tanning and retaning systems by CODYECO

Part 3 – BIO White

There is another sustainable way to produce leather – Bio White system.

A new organic tanning system free of Metal and Aldehydes, environmental friendly.

BIO WHITE process

lead to very white leathers with a very good mechanical and physical properties.

– The leathers show an even and brilliant dyeing, good light and heat fastness and a versatile capacity of being used for many kind of articles.

– The major characteristics of BIO WHITE leathers are the firmness and the smoothness.

– In particular BIO WHITE system significantly reduces the environmental problems linked to the tanning process, due to its non toxicological properties and the low chemicals


In fact BIO WHITE produces better biodegradable leathers and involves less chemicals like salts and acids and doesnt bio-accumulate, so far the major environmental benefits of this system are:

– Minimal Effluent Concerns

– No chrome or formaldehyde or phenol content in the discharging floats

– Less salt and COD in the effluents

– Leather, shavings and goods dont contain reactive tanning agent

Ok, what is it exactly?

BIOWHITE process is a tanning system based on an organic Bio-polymer


– During the tanning the Bio-Polymer permanently cross-links the lysine groups of the collagen.

– The peculiarity of the system is that FLORETAN GG is added to a pH around 8, so that the pickel is not required

– Under this condition the products is stable and completely penetrates the pelt.

The reactivity of the tanning agent depend on pH, concentration and temperature

Application technology

  • After a bating and a very deep washing, in a fresh bath of 30% of water FLORETAN GG is added in two step: total amount 7-8 % on pelt weight.
  • The penetration time it depend on the pelt thickness. In general it is suggested to let it run overnight.
  • In the morning the pH is carried to a value of 3,9-4,0.It is recommended not to use amine auxiliaries in the liming step because the Bio-Polymer is very reactive to the nitrogen groups“Bio White is another way to create future product with all his benefits. Sustainability will live in every tannery soon, we should better get prepared. Stay tuned for upcoming article – DYECO BIO”.U.N.C.L.E
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