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Begginers lounge – misterious tanner’s language

Begginers lounge – misterious tanner’s language

“As Leatherians every day we hear thousands of words that can be confusing just behind the tannery gates. However, we pride ourselves on understanding the legendary leather industry jargon, which proudly praise on drunken dinners, throw him cursing on freshly imported raw material or test a young salesman who just arrived with his Mercedes and doesn’t understand flotter or pull-up words”.

I attempted to write down the elegant basics of our language

Grain leather – fully tanned upper leather with smooth structure

Split (split leather) – the lower part of the skin, obtained by the splitting process (cutting the skin by the substance)

Nubuck – leather with grinded upper part (grain) that has a short hair

Aniline (aniline leather) – delicately finished top quality leather

Nappa – soft, grain leather

Pull-up – leather with wax-oil finish

Flotter – milled leather with clear picture of grain

Crazy – grinded leather with oil finish

Cordovan – a kind of soft leather made originally from goatskin and now from horsehide

Full substance – non splitted leather in it’s full, original substance

Pickle – beamhouse process part preparing leathers for chrome tanning

Green weight – hide weight just after the slaughtery

Salted weight – hide weight after salting (15-20% less than green weight)

Wet-blue – semi-finished grain leather, with chrome tannage, in wet condition

Wet-white – semi-finished grain leather, with non-chrome tannage, in wet condition

Crust – tanned, colored and oiled leather just before the finishing proces

“This article is just a candy for beginners, we will launch a full dictionary in few languages this year, stay tuned!”


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